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Which Garage Door is Right For You?

Gone are the times of just plain aluminum options with small, unpleasing-to-the-eye windows, these days you can transform your home’s appearance with the right garage door. So to help you in this process, we’ve laid out three steps that may assist your decision making.


Looking to Replace Your Garage Door?
1: Picking Your Door

The first decision you have to make is actually selecting your new overhead garage door. Of course your personal taste will have a lot to do with your final decision, but in and around Lehi, Utah, Powell Garage Doors provides some of the best options in the industry.


AVANTE – This collection allows you to completely customize your new garage door. Choose your favorite hue with aluminum panels to match your home and make a window selection that provides the desired level of natural lighting and privacy.


Coachman – A beautiful option that is crafted from multiple layers of highly durable steel and insulation overlaid with a woodgrain textured composite that gives these carriage house doors a nice wood look.


Gallery – This option gives you multiple color choices, including a faux woodgrain finish, as well as decorative windows and wrought iron hardware. With these choices, including the grooved panel design, these overhead garage doors really provide a vintage look.


Classic Raised Panel – This Classic Collection of steel doors offers strength, durability and comfort and is available in a wide variety of styles and colors. No matter what style or look you’re going for with your home, this option is a great complimentary choice.


2: Pick Your Insulation

Insulation for your new garage doors will help reduce your street noise and energy bill, helping make your life quieter, warmer, and cooler in the Summer.


Foam Board Insulation – Typically made from polystyrene, these rigid panels are relatively thin but provide a high insulating value.


Batt Insulation – The same type of fiberglass insulation generally found in homes and is really affordable at around 30 cents per square foot.


Reflective Insulation – Generally has highly reflective aluminum foil applied to one or both sides of insulation materials and reflects radiant heat, making it a great choice for garage doors in hot climates.


3: Call Powell Garage Doors

No matter where you live around Lehi, Utah, Powell Garage Doors is the one to call for your overhead garage door and garage door opener repair needs. We will take care of all your garage door needs in a very professional and timely manner, and we offer both residential and commercial doors with Liftmaster openers throughout Utah. Contact us today to set up an appointment or for more information about your garage door replacement options.


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