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Choosing the right commercial garage door for your business is one of the best decisions you could make. You definitely need a high-performance door installed on your premise for security, safety, efficiency, and durability. Garage doors include aluminum glass doors, rolling shutter doors, rolling steel doors, and fire-rated doors. Aluminum glass doors are common in professional and retail business facilities. Rolling Shutters are excellent for security and are commonly in hospitals, pharmacies, etc., as counter doors.

Powell Garage Doors offers you a wide range of high-performance, energy-efficient industrial commercial doors that are convenient for use in busy settings such as busy retail stores and service stations. We have steel back, polystyrene insulated sectional doors that are energy efficient. They are the best for municipal buildings, warehouses, and shipping docks. There are also industrial series doors. These are standardly ribbed, flush with embossed patterns like stucco and woodgrain. It is recommended for high-traffic applications such as warehouses, loading docks, and distribution centers.

There are also rolling steel doors. These are basically prefinished galvanized steel gauges from 24 to 18, stainless or aluminum, slat profiles, and colors.

Commercial garage door installation

Powell Garage Doors offers you the best deals in garage door installation. We install a variety of commercial garage doors.  Visit Powell Garage Door’s website for a complete selection of our door options. Our doors range from steel garage doors with clear visual access and clarity. We put grilles on the steel garage doors to enhance visual access and facilitate aeration. We know that your commercial doors may need special features to enhance the experience. That is why we offer a variety of high-performance doors, not just steel garage doors. In well-ventilated areas, grilles may not be necessary on your steel garage doors. However, grilles will be a need in poorly ventilated areas.

Benefits of a Commercial Garage Door

As a business owner, a commercial door for your business is a worthwhile investment. A commercial garage door has the following benefits to a business:

Boosted security: new commercial garage doors can be fitted with the latest security technology to detect and monitor security breaches.

Durability: the new commercial doors can withstand wear and tear for years, guaranteeing durability and securing your business. This also lowers the cost of wear and tear and maintenance for business owners.

Better Energy Efficiency: more power is saved since the doors are insulated, and have UV protection.

Enhanced Curb Appeal: installation of a new garage door will capture the attention of those who walk by, giving a good business image, while increasing the value of the property for the business.

Better Protection Against Fires: commercial garage doors protect your business from external and internal fires. Fire-rated doors, for example, lessen the damage and fumes from spreading outdoors.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors (sectional and rolling)

The sectional steel door is designed with good energy efficiency and durability properties with minimal maintenance costs. It is common in service stations.

The rolling steel door can be made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum door. There are rolling service doors for heavy, medium, and light-duty uses, meaning the customer can choose what fits them best.

The commercial and industrial facility owners advanced thermal performance especially insulated rolling steel doors. The insulated doors provide protection. Most overhead rolling doors have solid construction to withstand wind load.

Commercial Garage Door Material, Size & Style

An industrial overhead door provides more security to businesses compared to the typical door. Before purchase and installation of commercial doors, consider materials, functionality, type of opener, and the company you choose for the job.

Choose durable and long-lasting materials for commercial doors to enjoy quality service. Aluminum and steel are good choices for commercial doors.

Aluminum resists corrosion and rust, making maintenance cheaper. Steel, on the other hand, is more durable, except it is heavier than aluminum. It can withstand impact without dents. Compared to aluminum, it resists corrosion and rust.

Commercial overhead doors require a wide range of functionality to guarantee security and reliability. Many industrial overhead doors are fireproof since they are equipped with good insulation. The commercial overhead door is well insulated to reduce energy consumption, which saves up business maintenance costs. Attractive industrial overhead doors can attract customers. An aesthetically appealing industrial overhead door is thus perfect for your building design.

Industrial overhead doors need more convenience in opening or closing. An automatic opener is therefore necessary.  Businesses need high security and efficient industrial overhead doors.

Commercial Garage Door Installation and Repair

Powell Garage Doors offers you the best deals on garage door installation and repairs. We have special experience and expertise in garage door opener and remote repairs. Garage door failures may result from something as small as a dusty sensor to a need to replace an entire unit.

A garage door opener could fail due to the failure of the trolley. When gears become stripped over time, this can also cause failure in garage door openers.

It may need a simple repair or even a whole replacement. Another source of trouble for garage door openers is the sensors. If the sensor is misaligned, garage door openers will fail. In either case, you can trust Powell Garage Door professionals for the best deals in garage door repairs. Our technicians will assess your garage door or garage door opener and offer professional advice on what should be done for a perfect solution.


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Powell Garage Doors has continually proven itself as a reliable garage door plugin in Utah and the rest of the country. As an Overhead Door Company, Powell Garage Doors compares to no other in Utah. With good experience and professional expertise in garage door repair. As a result, we have built quality and reliable customer service for commercial doors. We have been able to overcome frequent wear and tear better than any overhead door company. We have given our clients exemplary performance and safety-proven industrial overhead doors, seeking solutions and meeting the business needs of our customers beyond expectation. We have non-insulated doors, high-performance doors, sectional steel doors, and fire-rated doors. We are the premier home of quality and you can count on us for hassle-free performance for doors and durability. Contact us today for services.

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