Commercial Garage Door Installation

Are You in Need of Commercial Garage Doors?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re storing goods or taking in deliveries, businesses operating with a garage warehouse require quality commercial garage doors to match. At Powell Garage Doors, we’re the best ones for the job. We offer a range of secure, energy-efficient and industrial commercial garage doors for any business and we’ll install them for you.


Commercial Garage Door Installation in Utah County

The purpose of a garage is to be accessible. Otherwise; What’s the point? Of course, you also want your garage workshop or warehouse to be secure and this is where a commercial garage door is going to help you. We’ve got a fantastic range of commercial garage doors you can choose from to ensure your goods are secure and still allow access whenever you need it. We offer you installation, protection and peace of mind all at the same time. Our talented and experienced team can have your new garage door installed in Utah County before you know it.


Types of Garage Doors

Is energy efficiency a big concern for you? We’d recommend out steel back commercial garage doors. They’re great for warehouses and shipping docks; anywhere that you’re looking to save on energy. Of course, they’re also strong, designed with polystyrene insulated steel sectional doors.

There’s a lot of movement at distribution centers and warehouses. You need garage doors you can rely on. Introducing our Industrial Series doors. They’re extremely durable and you can choose from different patterns and gauges.

We’ve also got rolling steer doors; your dependable and strong choice suitable for a range of businesses. They’re easy to access and still secure, constructed from galvanized steel. You can choose different gauges, profiles and colors to match your business needs.


Garage Door Installation Professionals

You don’t want the installation of commercial garage doors to be disruptive to your business. That’s why you should call Powell Garage Doors. Our skilled and experienced team are on hand to help with the installation of your new commercial garage doors. Don’t just take our word for it; check out our 5-star Google rating. The best part is that our service doesn’t come with a high price tag. We offer a best price match guarantee so you always enjoy the best deal on commercial garage doors. You can still enjoy our professional service; it just doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Step 1

Pick your door

Steel Back

These high quality, polystyrene insulated steel sectional doors provide energy efficiency and reliable service under demanding conditions, making them ideal for use in municipal buildings, warehouses and shipping dock applications, or wherever value and energy efficiency is needed.


Industrial Series doors feature a variety of standard ribbed, flush and embossed patterns such as stucco and woodgrain. Available in a wide selection of gauges for pro-grade durability, this series is a great choice for high-traffic applications including warehouses, distribution centers and loading docks.

Rolling Steel

Our Rolling steel doors are prefinished galvanized steel in gauges from 24 to 18, stainless, or aluminum, slat profiles, and colors, our service doors can accommodate most openings and building requirements. Our rolling steel doors are constructed in wide sheets of steel roll formed with integral grooves that are hemmed together to form a continuous sheet guided vertically by roll formed guides. Sheet coils around a spring loaded shaft above the header as the door is opened. Designed with ease of installation in mind.

Step 2

Pick your insulation

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Call today!

Our Customized Garage Door Solutions for Businesses

Every business has distinct needs and preferences when it comes to their commercial garage doors. Powell Garage Doors recognizes this and goes above and beyond to deliver customized solutions that align with each client’s requirements.

During the initial consultation, Powell Garage Doors takes the time to understand the nature of the business, its daily operations, and any specific concerns or challenges related to the garage door installation. We also consider factors such as aesthetics, functionality, insulation requirements, security features, and budget constraints.

Drawing from our extensive selection of high-quality products from trusted manufacturers, Powell Garage Doors collaborates with business owners to recommend the most suitable options based on these considerations. Whether it’s choosing durable materials like steel or aluminum, selecting energy-efficient designs with insulation properties, or determining the right type of opening mechanism, we guide businesses through the decision-making process.

Once the customized solution is selected, Powell Garage Doors proceeds with a seamless installation process. Our team of skilled technicians ensures that the commercial garage doors are installed with precision and care, taking every necessary step to guarantee proper functionality and long-term durability.

With Powell Garage Doors’ expertise in delivering customized solutions for businesses, their commitment to quality components and expert service further enhances their reputation as a top-rated commercial garage door installation service provider in Lehi, Utah.

Comprehensive Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

Just like any other piece of machinery or equipment, commercial garage doors require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Neglecting these essential tasks can lead to costly breakdowns, and operational inefficiencies and compromise the safety and security of your premises. To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your commercial garage doors in Lehi, it’s important to invest in comprehensive repair and maintenance services.

Professional commercial garage door repair services in Lehi offer a wide range of repair solutions to address various issues that may arise over time. Whether it’s fixing malfunctioning openers, replacing damaged springs or cables, repairing misaligned tracks, or addressing sensor problems, experienced technicians have the expertise to diagnose and resolve these issues efficiently. Their knowledge of different makes and models enables them to identify the root cause of the problem accurately and implement effective solutions.

Regular maintenance is another vital aspect of ensuring the smooth functioning of your commercial garage doors. By scheduling periodic maintenance checks with a reputable service provider, you can detect potential problems early on and address them promptly. During these maintenance visits, technicians will inspect all components thoroughly, including springs, cables, rollers, tracks, hinges, and seals. They will also lubricate moving parts as needed, tighten loose hardware, adjust tension settings, and test safety features such as auto-reverse mechanisms and photo-eye sensors.

Regular maintenance visits not only keep your commercial garage doors in optimal condition but also help prevent potentially costly repairs down the line. Addressing minor issues during routine inspections can save you major headaches and expenses in the future.

By carefully exploring different garage door styles and options for businesses, you can find a perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics, security, and energy efficiency. Whether it’s overhead sectional doors for optimal functionality or glass garage doors for maximum visibility, choosing the right style can enhance your business’s image and leave a lasting impression on customers. So take the time to explore various options and consult Powell Garage Doors, who can help you make the best choice for your commercial property.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Commercial Garage Doors

What is the average cost of commercial garage door installation in Lehi?

Cost estimates for commercial garage door installation in Lehi can differ depending on several factors, including project scope, materials used, and any customization requirements. To get the best quote possible, tailored specifically for you, we advise obtaining multiple estimates from providers in your area.

Are there any discounts or promotions for commercial garage door installation services in Lehi?

Absolutely! Powell Garage Door provides regular promotions and discounts on its commercial garage door installation services in Lehi. These promotions may be seasonal or designed to thank our valued customers, with special rates tailored specifically for warehouses or auto repair shops. When inquiring with us about these services, don’t forget to inquire about these savings opportunities; these may provide significant cost-cutting opportunities on your project!

What qualifications or certifications should a commercial garage door installer possess?

When selecting a commercial garage door installer, it’s crucial to verify their qualifications and certifications. When hiring someone, look for professionals with certification as garage door technicians who have completed training programs specifically tailored for commercial installations, and possess an in-depth knowledge of industry standards and codes related to garage door installations. Experience with various commercial doors and openers is invaluable; Powell Garage Door takes great pride in their team’s certifications and training; this ensures top-tier service that guarantees project success!

How long does it typically take an installer to complete commercial garage door installations?

On average, our highly trained installers can complete commercial garage door installations in Lehi within three to five days. This timeframe includes initial assessments, material procurement, and the actual installation process itself – though the exact duration will depend on factors like complexity, door size, and customization requirements. Powell Garage Door remains committed to timely installations for your commercial needs in Lehi.

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