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Repairing Your Garage Door Opener

Once a garage door opener stops working, you’re stuck with two choices. Ask Siri or Alexa to search for DIY methods, or for the number of my company, Powell Garage Doors

The best way to confirm your garage door opener is not working is to cut out that it could be a different problem then you expected. We at Powell Garage Doors are happy to come out and offer a diagnosis, but if you’d prefer to DIY, here are some quick tricks to try when your garage door opener is broken.

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How to Fix a Garage Door Opener Remote

A garage door opener not working can happen because of an electrical, or mechanical issue. A garage door opener takes the load of a hundred-pound door opening and closing every day. If you own a vacation rental or have children, it could be even more times than you’d expect. The first thing we recommend is to change the battery in your garage door opener remote. Doing this one thing could save you time and effort in finding a problem that might not exist yet.

If you change your batteries and your garage door opener is still not working, you might want to look at your transmitter. Your transmitter is a laser that goes to the sensor in the door itself. Anything from dust, to faulty wiring, can be affecting the transmitter. Get a clean, dry, cloth and wipe the sensor. Of course, after making sure both the transmitter and sensor are in the correct position. One other option is to check the settings of your garage door opener. Hopefully, you have your manual around and you will be able to test different settings. If you don’t, we’re happy to offer a quote.

When simple fixes are not working, it might be time to submit to the fact it might be a larger problem than initially expected. It could be an internal issue with the garage door opener, or another problem completely. The door could be off the track or have broken springs. This is possible from guests or kids not wanting to mention a mistake that happened. Or simply from normal wear and tear.

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When you’ve tried it all and your garage door opener is broken, avoid any more frustration and give us a call at Powell Garage Doors. We are a dependable garage door opener installation and service with the best prices and pride in our work.


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