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Like any home improvement project, garage door repairs usually cost money. It’s important to get a few things clear before signing the contract. One way to get answers is to ask the local garage door repair company questions. Some of the critical questions you might want to ask garage door companies in Lehi, UT before you make a move:

What Experience do you have with Garage Door Repairs and Installations?

When it comes to garage doors, experience and expertise matter a lot. You want to ensure the garage door company can do a flawless installation and repair your door the right way. Find out whether the company you want to work with does installations and repairs. Most garage door services primarily offer garage door installations and repairs and maintenance or inspections. You can check their website to see how much experience they have and how long they have in the trade. Be sure also to find out what types of doors they install or repair and whether they can repair your specific type of door.

If a garage door company has been in operation for many years, there’s a good chance they can replace new garage door and old door models, including their springs and openers. Over the years, they may have worked with different door types and brands and know the nuances of each door.

Do you have Testimonials from Satisfied Customers?

Customer testimonials can help you determine whether a company is truly professional or does shoddy work. A good garage door service proudly shares its customer’s testimonials online. If the company has a website with a testimonial section, check what their customers are saying. Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business pages are other good areas to find customer feedback and testimonials. You can reach out to some of its customers and find out what they honestly think about the service.

What are your Garage Door Installation and Repair Fees?

Another vital question revolves around door installation and repair costs. Like every homeowner, you may have a budget in mind and a rough idea of what the service costs. A good door repair service will give you a fee breakdown in the quote that explains what material they will use and what it costs. Installation and repair fees may depend on the type and size of the garage door, the parts involved, and the complexity of the job.

What is a Typical Garage Door Services Time Frame?

Every garage door installation or repair job has a start date and end date. Ideally, you want to know how long it will take the door technician to fix your door. Asking about the time frame for your project helps you determine when the company can complete the project. How long a repair job takes may depend on the condition of the door and the complexity of the repairs. Lubricating door hinges, replacing a broken spring, and changing a faulty motor may take a few hours. However, if the door is badly damaged and needs extensive repairs, the work could go on for a couple of days. Whether the door fails to open or close or the garage door springs get broken, we have got your back. We can resolve your garage door issues in the shortest possible time.

Do you Offer Warranties on Garage Doors, Accessories, and Service Agreements?

When you’re desperate to get in or out, the last thing on your mind is whether the garage door company offers product warranties and has proper insurance coverage. It only takes a minute or two to ask. A good garage door service in Lehi and surrounding areas back its installations and repairs with solid warranties. The manufacturer’s warranty protects you from financial loss in case there’s a defect in the door or its components while the workmanship warranty insulates you from sub-standard work. If the installation doesn’t last or garage door repairs fall apart, their good technicians will come and redo the work at no extra cost.

Genuine and professional garage door repair companies usually take out insurance for their installations and repairs. Insurance coverage protects the garage door technicians from work-related injuries and shields you against unnecessary claims against your homeowner’s insurance company.

Do you Offer Garage Door Emergency services?

door emergency in Lehi can happen at any time and when you least expect it. While some issues can wait till morning, others will require urgent, same-day service. Your door can slip off its tracks, a garage door opener may fail, or the car may get trapped. Not every garage door service works around the clock. This could present a problem when the door fails in the middle of the night. You need to find a company that can fix a faulty new garage door or performs emergency door replacement. A true garage door specialist like Powell Garage Doors offers round-the-clock service and fast response. No matter what kind of garage door emergency, you can count on our fast technicians to offer you great service and to come to your rescue in your hour of need.

Still, Have a Garage Door Repair Question? Contact the Garage Door Specialist in Lehi

Asking the above questions can help you find a garage door repair service in Lehi that performs high-quality work and offers the best service on time and within budget. If you need answers to your door problems, get in touch with us. Your local garage door experts at Powell Garage Doors know a lot about residential garage doors and can answer all your questions to your satisfaction. We can inspect your door and perform comprehensive repairs. From installing new doors to repairing broken springs, we’ve got your back. Did your garage door break? Contact 801-822-2474 to request a free garage door repair quote along with recommendations to fix the issue.


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