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Commercial doors are becoming popular due to the rising cost of repair, maintenance, and utility. Having an overhead or counter door is a modern approach to these doors, and Lehi has not been left behind. An overhead door offers clear visual access, making them critical in places where display and visual access is key such as display shops.

Powell Garage Doors have specialized in the installation and repair of these garage doors. Though breakage is not a common scenario with an overhead commercial garage door, we are available to sort the few cases that do. With quality installation from our team of experts, the repair and maintenance cost of your commercial garage door is almost eliminated.

What are Overhead Commercial Garage Doors?

Overhead commercial garage doors are garage doors operated manually remotely to move them up and lower them again. Most overhead commercial garage doors are made from such materials as glass or aluminum and at times wood or metal. The overhead garage doors are partitioned into long slats that are held together by hinges.

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

Commercial overhead doors are of different types that you can choose from. The first is sectional doors. Sectional doors, or overhead sectional doors, are common for industrial applications within loading docks. Most sectional doors are insulated at advanced levels with environmental control technology to ensure the safety of the interior from pests and airborne particles, reducing wind load and regulating temperature.

The grille door is another type of overhead door, loaded with security grilles for security enhancements. The security grilles are common for industrial applications such as inside malls where vertical or gate grilles ensure security enforcement and smooth operations. However, commercial buildings can also use doors with security grilles. Here safety is reinforced by aluminum or galvanized steel. The grille panels can either be glass or metallic. Overhead doors with security grilles are locked at the floor, while overhead doors with gate grilles have two grille sections joined in the center, enhancing smooth operations.

A freezer door is another common type of commercial garage door. Like most sectional doors, freezer doors are highly insulated with outstanding insulation technology. Being highly insulated gives the door a powerful insulation and temperature control capability. Most designs of this door prevent excessive condensation and ice build-up, making them an indispensable choice for food in industrial applications.

Fabric and plastic barrier doors are also a type of overhead doors, common for interior industrial applications to seal off storage rooms and other areas from temperature changes, drafts, moisture, wind load, and airborne impurities. Many businesses choose them for insulation solutions, especially where exterior overhead doors are left open for long or as a second barrier to cooler areas.

Coiling doors and rolling steel doors are commercial doors where the efficiency of space and security of insulation concerns. Coiling and rolling steel doors have multiple uses. There are rolling grills with steel plates and curtains for interior use. There is also the Thermiser Insulated Door which has a counterbalanced steel shaft with aluminum and stainless steel options. Close to rolling steel doors are counter doors.

Another type of door to consider is the rolling service door. Rolling service doors come in a variety of slat profiles, materials, gauges, and finishes. The rolling service doors also come in different models and so is their application, like controlling high winds by eliminating wind load within your workspace. Counter doors can be made from interlocking slats of formed steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Roll-up counter doors offer a custom appearance and are available for fast installation.

Powell Garage Doors offers a wide selection of overhead and sectional doors for multiple industries, including public safety, industrial, manufacturing, food services, and more. Overhead and sectional door varieties include industrial series which are basically ribbed steel doors. There are also architectural series which are full view aluminum doors.

Fire doors are overhead doors with maximum energy efficiency, fast opening, and closing speeds. They are most convenient where public safety regulations are necessary.

High-speed doors are another type of commercial door. Many businesses are adopting high-speed doors as operations become demanding. You, however, need expert advice for the right high-speed door.

Benefits of Using an Overhead Door in a Commercial Setting

Commercial overhead doors present numerous advantages to your business or home. These advantages include ease of access. As opposed to traditional doors that open inwards, commercial overhead doors are lifted, with all door mechanics held overhead, creating more space for business owners and employees. Commercial overhead doors preserve more space for quick loading or unloading.

Outstanding security is another merit of commercial overhead doors. It also has unbeatable security. Luckily, commercial overhead doors offer both. While being fitted, the doors are designed to fit in position and be lockable with an unbreakable, tight seal, creating a strong, sound, and quality result that is the overhead commercial door. Closing and opening the commercial overhead door is also easy, making it both safe and convenient for business owners.

Another feature of the commercial overhead door is reliability and durability. An overhead commercial door is more durable and lasts longer than a standard garage door. The overhead doors are made of different durable materials that guarantee longevity. The doors, as a result, can stand the test of time and withstand the rigors of everyday use. The doors can endure scrapes, bumps, and any other type of pollution. If well handled, they remain strong for years with little to no repair maintenance costs.

The commercial overhead doors also offer larger, versatile space. Movement from indoor to outdoor space is easy. A commercial door can be extended up or lowered down to allow and block access, give instant access to fresh air and sunlight, while still connecting the inside business space to the outdoors. The result is a much bigger, more versatile space that boasts an incredible appearance.

Overhead commercial doors offer Much-Needed Insulation. Most overhead commercial doors are fitted with a blend of foam and metal for insulation against cold and heat. These keep heat inside and prevent cold air from entering the business premises through the door. Room temperatures within the business premise tend to be stable as a result of enhancing energy efficiency and saving.

Installation of an overhead door can be done in just one day, as opposed to the two weeks or so of installation for a standard door. These features make doors popular for industrial applications since cost and time are minimized and results easily achieved.

The cost of installing an overhead door is about half that of installing a new standard garage door, making the overhead door very affordable. Energy efficiency has increasingly become a concern and overhead doors have perfectly sealed this gap. Together with increased energy efficiency, this makes commercial overhead doors an excellent investment for any company that wants to increase its property value while maintaining low utility bills.

There is almost zero need for maintenance or repair of a commercial garage door as the door doesn’t require hinges compared to a traditional garage door. Repairs and maintenance will only be called for under extreme circumstances as wear and tear on these doors is not a common scenario.

Call the Dependable Commercial Garage Doors Company in Lehi

No one wants a disruption to their business, which is why you should call Powell Garage Doors. We are skilled and experienced in the installation of commercial garage doors for your new project or replacement job. You’ll never have to worry about getting ripped off because we offer a best price match guarantee that has no strings attached – just ask if you don’t believe us! Contact us at 801-822-2474 or visit our website for details.

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