Whether you are looking to install a new garage door or need garage door repairs in Highland, we can help you with all your needs. 

With our extensive years of experience, Powell Garage Doors has established itself as the primary garage door company Highland, Utah residents rely upon. All of our garage door repair and installation services come with an unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. From performing installations to taking care of garage door repairs, we make sure that we set your satisfaction as the utmost priority. 


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Garage Door Repair

With over time usage, most garage doors can often give in to wear and tear. Stained paint and scratched surface doesn’t only look bad on its own, but can also affect your home’s curb appeal. 

Apart from surface damage, garage doors can also run into functional issues. Broken door systems or loosened hinges are irritating to deal with. But their safety hazard also makes them stand out as urgent repairs that you can’t put off for later. 

At Powell Garage Doors, we offer competent and timely garage door repair services that don’t cost you a fortune. With our targeted solutions and highly experienced team, we process your garage repairs swiftly. 

At the same time, our commitment to serving the local community motivates us to set our prices with accessibility in mind. 

We can fix any surface or functional damage on your garage door with ease through our industrial equipment and seasoned experts. This makes us a garage door company Highland residents can trust with garage repairs on their property.


Garage Door Opener Installation

Whether you are working towards automating your home or bringing the necessary ease of use to your life, installing a garage door opener is the way to go. 

But even as a garage door opener makes it easy to use your garage door, installing it is no walk in the park. From sky-high installation costs to low quality work, you can run into an array of issues while wanting to bring a simple necessity to your home. 

At Powell Garage Doors, we take pride in delivering high-quality garage door opener installation without asking you to break the bank. With our expertise and precision, you can automate your garage door quickly and painlessly. 

Whether you want us to install the garage door opener on an existing door or need a completely new door system, we can fulfill your specific needs. This is possible due to the holistic garage door installation solutions that we offer under our banner.

Our team starts with inspecting your door installation if you are installing the garage door opener on an existing door. This way, we can identify functional issues and make repairs or changes for seamless functionality with the door opener. Our process then moves forward by showing you all compatible options that would work correctly with your door. After your approval, we install the door opener in a way that works optimally with your existing door. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a completely new system installation, we do that through a detailed but timely process. After inspecting your property, we provide you with a variety of options for garage doors and opener systems. This ensures that you can find something which matches your aesthetic while allowing for optimal functionality. After you make your selection, we install the system for you in a swift yet precise manner. 

This attention to detail and communication ensures quality at every step. In the long run, it also makes for a long-lasting door opener solution. It is one of the many reasons we have become known as a garage door company Highland residents can rely upon.


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At Powell Garage Doors, we offer a wide variety of garage door solutions for new and existing installations. Our services ensure that you don’t have to run from one vendor to the other while also taking comfort in the promise of high-quality craftsmanship. 

To learn more about our services or get a free quote, contact us today. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have and help you benefit from premium garage door solutions.



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