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Commercial buildings such as parking garages, distribution centers, and warehouses need large doors to protect the assets and products stored inside. Research shows that garage doors can potentially cause injuries. Some of which are fatal injuries. Therefore, garage doors need regular maintenance to ensure seamless operation and maximum efficiency.

If your business has a commercial garage door, then it’s crucial that you repair it when needed to enhance safety for you and your employees. This is a guide to help you identify when your commercial garage door needs repair.

How To Tell If Your Commercial Garage Door Needs Repair?

  • The door is difficult to open or close.

The door does not stay in place when it’s closed. A perfectly functioning commercial garage door will seamlessly open and close. If the door is moving irregularly or failing to operate at all, then a commercial garage door repair is necessary.

Rollers are responsible for helping the garage door smoothly glide up and down its track. When rollers get worn out, the door, in turn, does not open or close quickly. The more the garage door remains unattended, the worse it gets. In extreme situations, the door may get stuck or have a jerky movement that can lead to the destruction of other parts.

  • There are dents on the exterior of the door where it opens and closes.

In commercial facilities with high traffic, it’s not unusual for the garage doors to face some beatings here and there. However, since your commercial garage door is part of a workflow system, it’s essential to get the dents repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Failing to attend to dents may cause the garage door to become misaligned eventually. Worse still, the opener system, tacks, and rollers may also get damaged.

  • The rubber seal around your garage door has become dry and brittle from sun exposure and weathering.

Apart from exposure to elements, the weather-stripping seal also deteriorates from friction, age, or damage by pests and people.

  • Your garage door suffers from a lack of insulation.

Lack of insulation can be caused by either old insulation that needs to be replaced or no insulation at all (especially if you live in an area with extremely cold winters). If you notice your utility bills getting significantly higher than they usually are or should be, then your garage door may be having insulation issues.

A garage door repair service team can assess the door and determine whether or not some simple repairs of the giraffe door seals will do the trick.

  • Broken Springs around the door

Over time, there’s a great deal of pressure put on commercial garage door springs. The pressure that at times is so much, it causes the springs to break. Once springs are broken, the garage door cannot operate normally. You may hear the springs breaking and even falling off the door. Replacing springs is quite a simple fix that Powell Garage Doors can perform.

  • Sagging garage door

Unevenness is a sign that your commercial garage door needs repair. Over time, your garage doors will start sagging. The uneven garage door may allow pests inside your business. The worst-case scenario is that the imbalance becomes dangerous. While the problem may appear as a mere inconvenience, a sagging garage door at your business premise requires commercial garage door repair as soon as you can.

  • Broken Cables

Wire cables assist in the process of lifting and lowering garage doors. Compared to a residential garage door,  a commercial garage door is more susceptible to wear and tear. The cables can easily damage or break after multiple open-close cycles. Sometimes cables just get brittle with age, causing them to snap. Periodically check your garage door cables for any signs of decay or damage. Should you notice any, call our Powell Garage Doors technicians to conduct a cable replacement before any bigger problem lands on your hands.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Company to do the Job

Any business owner with properties that feature a garage door at some point faces the need for maintenance and repair. The situation typically warrants two options: repairing the garage door on your own or hiring professional garage door services. The self-repair may initially be more appealing, but choosing a commercial garage door repair service carries several benefits. Below are the benefits and how you can reach a qualified commercial garage door services repair team.

Time And Money Savings

Depending on the specific repairs needed, a broken garage door is likely to cause disruptions to the business. Disruptions may additionally result in missed opportunities and lost revenue. Hiring a dedicated commercial garage door service provider alleviates potential headaches.

Access To Updated Repair Tech

Being experts in the field, commercial garage door repair services have up-to-date and quality equipment to ensure the repair job is done safely and quickly.

Access To Experts

Commercial garage repair professionals draw upon their years of experience servicing different garage doors in multiple commercial settings.

You Get A Go-To Garage Door Resource For The Future

If you have an initial and hopefully great experience, your business will have established a professional relationship with the repair service provider for any future issue.

Decreases Your Risk Of Hurting Yourself, Employees, Or Customers

The most important advantage is that you spare yourself and others from the risk of injury when trying to work with the dangerously heavy commercial garage door components. Leave the repairs to the professionals.

Contact the Commercial Garage Door Specialists in Lehi, UT

Powell Garage Doors is equipped to handle all your commercial garage door repair needs. Our team is ready to serve you whether your business is faced with an emergency or looking to enroll in a maintenance program. Our professionals are seasoned and experienced in helping all kinds of businesses, and our technicians are up and ready to keep your business running smoothly. Contact us today for services.

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