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Yes, a commercial garage door requires maintenance. One of the most outstanding features of a workshop is the garage door. Most industrial doors are twelve feet high, made of sectional steel and aluminum. Some are non-insulated steel doors, while others are insulated steel doors. Nonetheless, the doors have hinges, lift cables, and rollers which often rust and become noisy and hard to function.

Therefore, the garage doors require regular maintenance to stay in shape and function optimally. A vital aspect in maintaining garage doors is your eyes and hearing. Listen to any abnormal changes as your door rolls upwards or downwards. Is the door sensitive to the remote? Is your manual garage door moving without hitches? That’s to show that commercial garage doors need maintenance.

Why Does a Commercial Garage Door Require Maintenance?

Clearing tracks, continuous rusting door hinges of sectional steel doors, and debris cause damage to your commercial door. Level and assess the similarity of those hinges and lifting cables. Then, call the right personnel to avoid further harm.

Checking the pulleys and lubricating the hinges can achieve this process only with a practical commercial garage door repair. Also, because the parts have high tension, consult carefully before engaging in maintenance. For you, identify broken parts and call for assistance.

Assessing balance and loose bolts; sectional doors, solid commercial doors, counter doors, etcetera roll upwards and downwards many times in a day for internal and external applications. That causes the bolts holding the door in place to loosen. Regular maintenance enables you to tighten them for healthy function.

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

Ensuring safety through security grilles within the garage. Fire outbreaks happen, causing havoc in your garage. With a faulty door, you’ll have high chances of accidents. But properly performing fire-rated entries have more outstanding security options because they are safety-tested commercial doors.

Door durability plus saving money for you; when you intervene on the verge of door breakdown, you save the cost of acquiring new bolts or hinges and even a new industrial door. But hassle-free performance is a treasure for your workshop because it allows smooth operation and durability.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Insulated Doors

Some high-quality commercial garage doors allow for thermal effectiveness and energy efficiency. That’s because they contain a layer between internal and external skins to minimize air infiltration and provide the highest door system thermal efficiency. The insulators require regular monitoring for maintenance.

Weather Seals

Exposure to weather conditions affects your garage door significantly. In different weather, seasons ensure you utilize the door weather seals properly, especially in a rainy and high winds season. In case there are leakage loopholes, have them repaired before they destroy your door.

Debris and Rust

At the hinges, rusting occurs gradually. The rust will ruin your door entirely if you don’t take action. If you identify rust, you oil up those hinges or the rollers to prevent your door from breaking. You may remove the rusted part, or the rust cleared through oiling to secure your industrial door.

Broken Spring

The door opener relies on your springs to provide the necessary tension to open or close the overhead door. If there’s no tension, diagnosis is easy because the door fails to stay lifted unless supported. Technical professionals should address this problem since it’s potentially hazardous.

Malfunctioning Remote

Overhead doors, aluminum glass doors, rolling steel doors, and other tough commercial doors have a remote control. In case your door fails to respond to the remote control, charge its batteries. If the problem prevails, contact the service company.

Noisy Doors

Noisy doors signify a technical hinge, roller, or spring problem. With this diagnosis, use the lubricant recommended by your door company. If you lubricate and the door persists in the challenge, contact the door company to replace the whole system or address the issue as they see fit.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Cost

The maintenance price of the commercial garage and overhead doors varies depending on several reasons. Doors used for industrial applications undergo regular use.

Therefore, you’ll find more spring damages and roller malfunctions. Depending on the type of parts that need repairing, most rolling steel garage doors use a range of a hundred to three hundred dollars for maintenance. The modern garage doors are improved and don’t easily break because they are more rigid and lighter.

Commercial Garage Door Duration

The average estimate ranges between fifteen to thirty years. The speculation of your garage door life comes from its maintenance, construction quality, and climate conditions, plus usage frequency. Also, a garage door maintenance plan once per month to prolong the lifespan of your door.

Schedule Your Commercial Garage Door Maintenance and Repair in Saratoga Springs, UT!

Commercial garage doors need regular maintenance. As you’ve seen the factors listed above, a garage door has a lifespan too. Take good care of your door in all-weather ranges and have a good maintenance plan. 

Contact the experienced team of professionals at Powell Garage Doors in Saratoga Springs, Utah. We can help repair and maintain your commercial garage doors. We offer the best price guarantee and even match competitor’s prices because customers always come first. Call us today at 801-822-2474.

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