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Garage door installation can be very difficult if you lack the training and experience to perform an excellent job. One misstep could compromise the integrity of the garage unit, result in expensive damage to the door, or put you, your family, or your car in danger.

Even if you follow installation instructions to a tee, you might make some mistakes along the way, which can lead to permanent damage.  Here are some common installation mistakes, how you can avoid them, and the importance of working with garage door professionals.

Most Common Mistakes When Installing Garage Doors

The most common garage door installation mistakes homeowners make include:

Choosing the Wrong Door

When buying a new garage door, most homeowners choose the wrong door size. This is problematic because the wrong size door can allow dirt and debris to seep into your garage and make it easier for intruders to access your home. When you work with a professional from Powell Garage Doors, you can rest easy knowing that you will get the right size garage door at a great price.

Choosing Poor Quality Garage Doors

Some homeowners prioritize cheaper garage doors over quality ones. Do not choose to install a cheap garage door because you want to avoid a hefty price tag. At Powell Garage Doors, we can help you stay within your budget while avoiding a flimsy garage door. Remember, if you choose a substandard garage door, you will be due for a garage door repair or a garage door replacement weeks or months after your purchase.

Thinking You Can Do It All By Yourself?

It would be best if you never attempt to install a garage on your own. Garage door springs, in particular, pose a huge safety threat. These springs provide tension and store energy, and if you are replacing your garage door, you need to remove the springs. When a garage door spring uncoils, it can injure or break your fingers. Hiring a professional to work on your garage door repair project is the best way to prevent such injuries. We have the tools to remove springs safely and can ensure proper and safe garage door repair.

If you decide to install your garage door yourself, you might run into unforeseen problems that may put your safety at risk. At Powell Garage Doors, we can safely install your garage door opener, torsion and tension springs, and garage door motor. We provide garage door service to residential and commercial property owners. Therefore, if you are a business owner whose overhead door needs a repair, you can trust us to fix your door and provide prompt service at the best prices. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate and same-day service.

Most Common Garage Door Repair Services in Utah County

The commonest garage door repairs include:

The Garage Door Is Stuck Open Or Closed

If your garage door does not open or close, it could be because something is stuck in the tracks or your door is hung unevenly. Our technicians can adjust the tracks, as well as your titled garage door, without having to change any parts.

Broken Springs

A broken spring can prevent your garage door from opening and closing, trapping your vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle in the garage. We can replace your garage door springs in the shortest time possible so that your door can function as it should.

Garage Door Remote Control Is Not Working

If your garage door remote control is not working, put in new batteries. If this does not work, you will probably need a new remote.

Motor Needs Replacement Or Repair

If your garage door opener motor dies or breaks, replacing it with a new one is usually more cost-effective. We perform garage door opener repair in Utah County and can repair your door motor and ensure it performs at its best. If we determine that you need a new garage door motor, we can show you the available options and immediately install the motor.

Preventative Maintenance

Having an overhead door company service your garage door each year can prevent sudden repairs and severe damage to your door. We offer maintenance services to inspect your rollers, check for cracks or chips, and ensure that nothing is obstructing your sensors, all at competitive prices.

If you are looking for the best garage door repair in Utah County, you have come to the right place. At Powell Garage Doors, we have the training and experience to fix any garage door make and model. We can have your garage door installed at a fair price, and if you have a broken garage door, you can count on us to fix it and restore it to its original condition.  Contact us today for a free quote.

When is the Best Time to Replace My Old Garage Door?

You should get a new door if your current garage door is worn, sagging, or severely damaged. A new and lightweight garage door is easier to operate and adds curb appeal.

One of My Garage Door Springs Broke. Do I Need to Have Both Springs Replaced at the Same Time?

Since both springs were installed at the same time, it is only a matter of time before the second one fails. Therefore, have both springs replaced to avoid future repairs.

What Will Happen to My Old Door Once You Finish Installing the New One?

Once we finish installing your new door, we will haul away your old door and dispose of it for a small fee.

If you are looking for professional garage door service in Utah County, look no further than Powell Garage Doors. We are committed to providing the best service for our clients, whether you need a garage door repair or a set of new garage door openers. We can also recommend the best overhead door materials for homeowners living in areas with extremely hot or cold weather, as well as the best garage door openers such as the belt drive and jackshaft. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation. We offer same-day service, which is a luxury that most garage door companies do not offer.

Avoid Garage Door Installation Mistakes, Work With the Professionals at Powell Garage Doors Today!

Whew! Did you know that taking on a home improvement project can open up several opportunities to make mistakes? Well, even though installing a garage door or performing a garage door repair is not an impossible job, things can get complicated quickly, putting your safety and that of your family at risk. So, why not let the experts handle everything for you?

Powell Garage Doors is a locally-owned business that installs, repairs, and replaces commercial and residential garage doors. Since our establishment, we have been serving Utah County and doing a great job of installing and repairing all types of garage doors. We carry all major brands of garage doors and can help you decide which brand is ideal for your situation.

Our technicians offer same-day service and the best price guarantee because we want our customers to get the best garage door service at an affordable price. We also serve clients in different areas in Utah, including Salt Lake City, Utah Valley, Spanish Fork, and Main St. American Fork, so if you reside in any of these areas, you can access our services.

Contact us today at 801-822-2447 or visit our physical location at 1533 W 1220 N St Lehi, UT 84043. We are prepared to provide excellent service and take the stress of installing your garage door on your own off your shoulders.

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