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Check Your Garage Door Springs!

If your garage door is not opening or is getting stuck, there are many issues that could be causing it. There could be a problem with the remote or the door could have become dislodged from the track. Another possibility is that there is an issue with the garage door springs. Springs are especially susceptible during winter weather. Here are some issues that could lead to problems with garage door springs.

Common Garage Spring Problems

1. Broken Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are mounted just above the closed door. They are meant to last for so long and are usually the first item in the assembly of your garage door to break. You will know when a spring has broken – it produces a very loud noise similar to a firecracker or gunshot. Once your garage door has a broken spring, it can be very dangerous to try to open the door, so you should call a professional to replace the spring right away.

2. Squeaking Springs

Garage door springs that are making a lot of noise could simply be noisy – or the noise could be an indication of a more serious problem. A professional will apply lubricant, test the door to see if there’s a difference and diagnose the real problem if there isn’t.

3. Snapped or Loose Cables

Extension springs are mounted above the upper tracks on both sides of the garage door. They have safety cables on each side, which run through the spring and are attached to the wall or ceiling. These safety cables help to control the extension springs, which are constantly under a lot of tension and could cause injury if they break. If your safety cables snap, break, or become loose, there will no longer be anything there to control problematic extension springs. This could also affect the function of the garage door.

Powell Garage Doors Can Help You With Your Garage Door Repairs

Both torsion and extension springs can cause problems with the function of your garage door. If you find yourself struggling to open your garage door in the winter, you should have the springs inspected. Powell Garage Doors in Lehi, Utah, will inspect your door, diagnose the problem, and perform repairs and replacements. We can also resolve issues with cables, hinges, door sections, safety eyes, gears, logic boards, chains, remotes, and trolleys. Our Best Price Guarantee will match any competitor’s prices. Contact Powell Garage Doors today for an inspection of your garage door in Lehi, Utah.

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