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Modern garage doors are durable, and provide great design and breadth, enhancing style and flexibility to perfectly fit modern homes. Statistics indicate that the average life of a garage door is somewhere between 15 to 30 years. However, treating your garage door well and using it sparingly will prolong its life, to over 50 years. Neglecting and treating your garage door carelessly shortens its life to under 10 years, whether a home or commercial garage door. We recommend good care as part of enhancing the longevity of the garage door.


Types of Material used in a Modern Garage Door

There are different materials used to design each garage door. You thus have a variety of options to choose from. For entryways, garage doors can be made of steel, aluminum, wood, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl. For real or faux, wood tends to be more popular. The materials are also suitable for house doors and are available in different sizes and shapes. The prices differ from one material to the next with the key factor being durability.


Steel garage doors as one of the options give a good deal when made of two layers of galvanized steel and the surface primed and painted with a tough topcoat finish or clad with a composite material. 


Wood garage doors, on the other hand, are built with layers, or plies, to prevent warping. The design is made of such woods as cedar, redwood, fir, and meranti. Wood composite garage doors basically have a wood frame coated with fiberboard sheets.


Higher-density fiberboard skins can also be used for design, and these have such realistic details as overlays and grooves simulate a real wood door. Cores are filled with polystyrene insulation.


An aluminum frame garage door is always fitted with aluminum raised panels to curb rust but is easy to dent. Translucent glass panels can be used in place of the aluminum panels to create a contemporary look. These allow daylight without interfering with the privacy and security of your carriage house.

Fiber Glass

Fiberglass garage doors are made from fiberglass and are less prone to denting or cracking. They do not rust but can break upon impact.


The vinyl garage door is famous for being ‘kid-proof,’ as it is difficult to dent or break. It is basically built on steel frames, and full of polyurethane insulation. Vinyl door and steel door are similar in styles, but it is available in fewer colors.

Based on whatever brand you choose from the available options, Powell Garage Doors has you at heart and with years of professional expertise, you are guaranteed service that is up to standard. You can pick any garage door at a price that suits your pocket.

The beauty in the wood, the longevity of steel as well as the classic design of Powell Garage Doors all enhance the architectural and professional style any modern home would look for. There is value for money as we pay great attention to detail to give you amazing results. 

To see our sample works, check our gallery on our website for details. The gallery has photos of actual and complete works done for our customers. You can choose your design from our collection of photos and book an appointment online. One of our team will get back to you and share a free quote so you can budget with prices that suit you.

Professional Garage Door Installation for your Modern Home in Utah County

While you may not see the need to contact the Garage Door Installation Professionals in Utah County to handle your home or business needs, we recommend you do not take that approach.

Taking the DIY garage door, for example, historical repairs have mostly come from torsion springs, which act unpredictably and aggressively when strained or broken. The opener often has an issue in most DIYs. This has led to injury for many in the eyes, faces, and arms in the process of trying to self-repair the springs. Replacing torsion springs is not an easy task and requires a highly skilled professional for safety and quality work as well. Powell Garage Doors guarantees this, as we are the most reliable garage door installation and service providers for residential and commercial needs in Salt Lake City and Utah County at large.

We also provide support services for your garage doors and door handles to ensure longevity and avoid the unnecessary cost of getting brand new garage doors. We have a highly qualified team and are up to date with current customer needs.

Contact your Modern Garage Door Experts in Utah County

Powell Garage Doors is the best company and the expert you can trust on matters of modern garage doors for your home in Utah County. We lead in garage door repair and garage door installation in Utah County. 

Our services range from residential to commercial garage door repair and installation services. With years of experience, passion for service has boosted our success in the industry. Our team is highly knowledgeable with vast experience in handling garage doors. We deliver amazing results to your home. We are the most reliable firm to deliver high quality and impeccable standards and make your home and house amazing. We are available on call. Reach us on phone at 801-822-2474 today.

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