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If either side of the garage door spring is broken, the door will be crooked, and it will move up and down on its tracks and posts. When the spring breaks, the whole system is messed up thus spring repair is necessary. The pulleys and cables loosen and are left hanging down from the ceiling and the tracks distorted.

The door springs are responsible for lifting the garage doors and maintaining balance. The slightest hitch with any of the components will bar smooth opening or closing the garage door. Once they snap, the garage door springs typically creak. The sound comes from the broken garage door springs. At times you may hear a loud noise while the garage doors are slamming down or jamming. It can get to a point where the garage door cannot open as the door opener cannot lift it on its own. At times, the door will bang when you leave it to close. It is the garage door opener and the springs that help open the door and it is therefore important that be kept functioning well at all time. With all this cooking up, garage door repair is necessary. 

If you become suspicious that your garage door springs have snapped, you can look out for the following signs:

Jerky garage door movements: If you have a two-spring system and one of them breaks down, your garage door will not open smoothly and will seem stuck every time you try to open it. It is a sign of broken garage door springs and spring repair is needed at this point. Some of it may be accompanied by a loud noise while opening the door.

Garage bent at the top: opening your garage doors without springs will cause serious bending at the top due to the door’s weight which is too heavy to handle. This also indicates a broken garage door.

Gaps in the torsion springs: If your torsion springs are broken, you will notice a gap in the middle.

Emergency rope failure: when the emergency rope cannot open the garage door, it is likely due to broken garage door springs.

Is a broken garage door spring dangerous?

Broken garage door springs can pose a great danger and any suspicion of possible breakage should be addressed to our technicians right away. Failure to replace broken spring immediately while still using the door can release built-up power tension unexpectedly and send the spring flying in any direction. This threatens the safety and can cause serious harm, say if it hits eyes, it could paralyze that eye and wound other body parts. The garage door might also accidentally fall on someone with a lot of force and cause injury.

Signs that your Lehi garage door spring is broken.

System failure and collapse: when we don’t replace broken springs, other springs will consequently be broken in the process. With both springs broken, total collapse and system failure are inevitable, raising safety concerns. They must therefore be checked and replaced by our technicians.

You may be tempted to carry out garage door repair on your own. This is not recommended unless you are a trained technician. It is more dangerous when trying to replace a spring. Torsion and extension spring systems bear so much tension to hold the garage door’s weight. What is worse, the heavier the door, the more tension the spring system is under. The extension springs, therefore, need to be serviced regularly to avoid such scenarios.

In the operation of any garage door spring replacement, technical knowledge and understanding of the components are needed to ensure the job is done professionally to fix the problem without force. You can call our professional technician as the spring has a mechanical standpoint that needs expert handling to prevent damage or danger resulting from a lack of knowledge. Nonprofessional garage door installers or repair technicians should not interact with the springs, lifting cables, drums, and brackets.

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