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Carriage-style garage doors harken back to a time when people relied on horses for transportation. They are garage doors, as the name implies. These carriage-style doors are modeled after a mid-century carriage door.

These carriage garage doors add a unique look to your home’s exterior and increase its curb appeal. Rich people kept their carriages in carriage houses in the mid-century.

Their style is inspired by carriage barns or stables. Barn style garage doors are no longer made with intricate woodwork. The majority of homeowners dislike wood-made carriage house doors. C. Powell provides door installation services to residents of Lehi, Utah.

Carriage doors in this modern century do not completely imitate every feature of the bygone era. Garage door installation companies in this modern era have various window options and hardware that match your home’s style.

What are some of the features of carriage garage doors?

A carriage-style door is supposed to complement your home’s façade. Here is a list of some features of carriage-style garage doors:


A modern carriage house-style door has insulators to reduce noise and regulate temperatures. For wood barn doors, more insulation is added compared to steel carriage doors.


Hardware boosts your curb appeal. They are for decoration purposes. The hardware designs on your give carriage style door a swing-out look.


Most carriage doors have different window styles. The windows installed on your carriage-style door should match your home’s architectural exterior design.

If you want more natural light inside your carriage house, have your technician install large windows on the garage doors for lighting purposes.


Wood panels decorate carriage-style doors. Intricate woodwork modifies the overall design of your garage door. Your home’s value increases with these ornaments. Many carriage doors have these decorative wood panels.

What are the types of carriage-style garage doors?

Many Utah homeowners have various carriage garage doors. This is because a carriage house is built to match the style of your home. The following are some examples of carriage doors:

  1. Steel Carriage House Garage Doors

These garage doors have steel panels, as the name implies. The wood panels on these garage doors are purely decorative.

Since these garage doors have steel and wood panels, they require low maintenance. Steel carriage-style garage doors include:

  • Coachman.
  • Gallery collection.
  • Canyon ridge.
  • Grand Harbour Collection
  1. Faux Carriage House Garage Doors

“Wood composite” is another name for these garage entrances. There is a lot of wood involved. As a result, your garage door will have an elegant appearance. Maintenance on the garage door is minimal.

  1. Wood Carriage House Garage Doors

These garage doors look like traditional colonial houses. Your technician advises you on the tree species to choose that will coincide with your home’s facade. Every piece of this door is wooden. The large handles are wood. The garage door has an overhead operation. You have to pick a tree species that is a perfect fit for your home’s architectural design.

  1. Custom Carriage Style Garage Door

This garage door design meets your desired home style. The technician is not the one to make the decision here. The homeowner is advised, but he is the one to decide how he wants their garage door customized. Your work is to show your technician what you want, and they will deliver just that. You even choose a garage with small windows and the different colors you desire.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a carriage door?

All the benefits of a carriage garage door outweigh its disadvantages.

Increases the storage space in your garage

Garage doors with torsion and extension springs have overhead tracks. There is no ceiling space in these garages. These horizontal tracks are not present on a carriage-style garage door.

The garage height is thus high enough for anything. If you have anything long, you can place it straight in your garage, thus creating more space for other items.

A carriage-style garage door increases safety

The steel carriage-style garage door is made up of wood and steel panels. Wood garage doors are made of hardwood. Thieves will find it difficult to steal from your carriage garage with these garage doors.

You don’t need to install expensive CCTV cameras or stay up all night looking for intruders to prevent a robbery. The doors are sufficiently secure to allow this. These garage doors are sturdy, preventing anyone from peering into the carriage garage.

This garage promotes natural lighting

Whether the window is small or large, natural light passes through this garage door. A carriage-style garage door reduces your monthly electric bills. You only use artificial light during the night. The time spent in a carriage house at night is minimal.

A carriage garage door boosts your home’s curb appeal

When it comes to selling a home, the exterior gets a lot of attention. With a carriage-style garage, the door piques people’s interest. Your carriage garage door draws a lot of attention in just a few hours. The installation of a carriage-style garage door increases the value and style of your home.

The maintenance cost is less expensive

These garage doors, unlike torsion and extension springs, do not require ongoing maintenance. Carriage doors require little maintenance. The doors are made of wood and steel with no springs. They do not overheat or freeze during the summers and winters because they lack many metallic parts.

Disadvantages of carriage-style garage doors

A carriage garage door is not automatic

Most of these garage doors have traditional designs. If you are techy, this garage door might be the opposite of what you like.

They take up a lot of space at the front

Because carriage-style garage doors are not automated, you must swing them open. They take up a lot of room when opening and closing. The technicians do not recommend them if you live in the city and do not have a large backyard.

Are you looking for carriage door installation services?

You need not look any further. Powell Garage Doors can help you if you live in Leigh, Utah. Our technicians can install various carriage garage doors and make sure they match the style of your home. We provide carriage garage installation and repainting services. Call us today at 801-822-2474 to make an appointment.





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