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Commercial garage doors can get dozens if not hundreds of uses per day. Thus far, day in day out, your commercial garage door offers security and protection for your business, property, and assets. It also goes up and down or side by side continuously, meaning it is bound to face wear and tear or breakdowns occasionally. Therefore, it is fundamental to consider when you should replace your commercial garage door opener or whether you can repair it and get a few more years of use from it.

When they ought to be replaced but are not, garage doors can expedite damage and breakdown and impede performance and security. This article will look at whether you should replace or repair your commercial garage door in Lehi, UT.

Difference between Commercial Garage Door Repair and Replacement

The value of your business is integral irrespective of the period you intend to remain in your organization, whether it is for the next thirty years or the next three. Wherever you are in a business-owning journey, the resale value of your company comes to mind whenever you perform repairs or make improvements.

Garage doors are a great investment for any business. However, they can also break and when this happens you might be faced with the question “should I repair or replace my Lehi Utah commercial garage door?” This will depend on what type of damages your Garage Door has sustained as well as where in town that needs services from experts who do repairs and installations!

How to Decide if it is time for repair or replacement

If properly maintained, your commercial garage door may last up to thirty years or more, particularly if it is built from high-quality industrial materials. Nonetheless, despite how well you give a good account of maintenance checks, you will ultimately face the necessity to undergo a Lehi garage door installation or repair service. Below are some contemplations and concerns when figuring out whether to take either garage door service – replace or repair.

Insulation problems

If your utility bills are considerably higher than they ought to be, you may experience insulation problems related to your commercial garage door. Addressing any leaks through garage door installation or repair services can result in lower heating and cooling expenses that will pay off in the long run.


Contemplate repairing your garage door if it is only a matter of excluding drafts with garage door seals. At Powell Garage Doors, we have a commercial garage door repair service in Lehi, UT, and we can gauge your garage door to determine if simple garage door seal repairs will be sufficient.


It may be time to capitalize on a garage door installation or replacement, more so if you have several garage doors or a warehouse with a huge garage door. Most updated garage doors are insulated: they provide a powerful barrier against outdoor elements. A garage door installation should lead to fewer utility costs.


One of the demanding concerns for most companies is security – protecting the organization against losses due to theft. This is inarguably true for companies with warehouses containing goods, supplies, and equipment. If you operate with an industrial garage door, ascertain that the system is not easily predisposed to break-ins.


Your garage door system, more so if it was installed in the last 5 – 10 years, should be equipped with security features like alarms and sensors. Contrariwise, if you have not capitalized on a garage door system with these features, calculate the price incorporate them as part of your simple update or upgrade. Conversely, if you have a system with faulty photo-eye sensors, consider replacing them.


If your garage door system is aging and can be compromised with other tools, set up or install a security strategy that encompasses a new garage door with pioneering security features: sensors and alarms. You can also install security cameras and lighting around your property. Liaise with our garage door service specialist at Powell Garage Doors about the best options.

Safety concerns

Garage doors that appear misaligned or dented due to mishaps with equipment, machinery, and vehicles could pose a severe safety hazard. If your garage door is visibly damaged, stop using it immediately and call our specialists at Powell Garage Doors to inspect it.


Naturally, a garage door that has endured minimal damage can be repaired. Our certified technicians at Powell Garage Doors will inspect the rack, springs, hardware, and other components of the door’s system to determine the damage extent.


If your door system is aging and has endured recurrent damage, replacing it is the best solution to avoid the likelihood of serious safety risks in the workplace. New quality commercial garage doors feature sensors and other safety features designed to curtail accidents.

Finding the appropriate time to repair or replace your commercial garage door can be challenging. At Powell Garage Doors, we can help you weigh the expenses and merits of making a suitable choice for your company. We serve Lehi, UT, and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Repairing a Broken Commercial Garage Door

Repairing a commercial garage door does not incur hefty prices. However, if an expert does not handle the situation, you may regret the choice you made. Nonetheless, there are several benefits of hiring a garage door repair service.

Time and money savings. Depending on the necessary repairs, broken commercial doors could disrupt your businesses leading to revenue loss and missed opportunities. The price for purchasing new doors can be pretty high. Thus instead of paying hefty prices for an installation service, phone or contact the Powell Repair Service providers to manage your garage door repair.

Access to professionals. Our qualified garage door service technicians with years of experience will ascertain that your garage door repair essentials are addressed with an awesome customer experience.

Decreased risk of getting injured. Commercial garage doors are dangerous. Working with heavy and hazardous components can harm you and other employees. So, leave the garage door repairs to our experts at Powell Garage Doors.

Access to the latest repair technology. As professionals in the field, our repair and installation service team will have quality and updated equipment to ensure we do a great job fast and safely and offer great service to our clients.

A go-to reserve for the future. After an initial, amazing, and optimistically excellent experience, you have established a lasting professional relationship with us for further garage door repair and other issues. Ensure you answer all our questions to enable us to provide you with efficient garage door repair and replacement or installation services.

Advantages of Replacing Your Commercial Garage Door

While replacing a garage door with a new one may be of higher pricing, it will benefit you immensely in the long run. Some of these benefits include:

Prevention of regularly breaking down. You cannot afford to waste time with a garage door opener that does not operate steadfastly. Replacing it is worthwhile instead of wasting time and money on repeated breakdowns and maintenance.

Non-recurring damages. Recurrent clashes with trucks and forklifts take their toll on your garage doors. If the damage is minor, garage door repair can be an option. However, if the commercial door is not moving along the tracks, opening and closing smoothly, a garage door installation or replacement service is ideal.

Prevention of break-ins. Beak-ins are upsetting and frustrating if you sustain loss and damage to your business, often not your fault. However, if your garage door opener has been broken into, it may need installation or replacement services as the damages may be severe.

Incorporates new features. Innovations and updates to garage doors happen rapidly. Thus, you may have to replace your garage doors to take advantage and enjoy these innovations.

A brand new and perfect door for your operations. Older commercial doors lack the performance, strength, and security to operate effectively. Upgrading to a new garage door opener can be extremely worthwhile.

Contact the Commercial Garage Door Specialists in Lehi

Powell Garage Doors has been helping people in the industry maintain their commercial garage door for decades. We can solve any problem you may be experiencing, and our customer service representatives are always available to help.

Our repairs and replacement installations come at the best price guarantee. We also aim at providing quality and professional service to all our customers. Contact us at 801- 822-2474 to schedule an appointment today!

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